5 Questions to Answer Before You Choose a Web Design Agency

There are 5 vital questions that a web design agency must answer for it to qualify as a potential candidate.

To search a web design agency, you need to be sure that it can meet your needs. There are a lot of steps that you have to do in order to choose the right web development company. One of the ways is to have certain questions that you should ask to the potential candidate. When they’re able to answer the questions clearly, that specific web design agency is the one that you have to pick.

Interviewing the potential web design companies is part of the process. Of course, meeting every candidate in person is one of the things you can do. That is why if possible, you have to make a schedule for a personal interview and discussion. Otherwise, you can conduct the Q and A portion through phone call or via Skype.

Important Questions for a Web Design Agency

There are 5 important questions that a web design firm should answer, according to Ramotion. These questions should properly be answered by the concerned agency.

1. What content management system (CMS) you’re using to power websites?

This is a primary question that has to be answered apparently. Are you familiar with CMS? If yes, then you already knew why you have to ask this question. But if not, you should know that a CMS is a website platform that is used so that a business website will run. In asking this question, the goal is to make a positive impression. That is why it is a must that you know the exact terminology so that the digital marketing agency will be impressed.

CMS plays a vital role because non-technical people can just easily update sites through this platform. One of the most popular CMS today is WordPress. Perhaps, you already knew what WordPress is, aren’t you? With CMS, it is not necessary that you’re knowledgeable about CSS and HTML. With a CMS, all you need to do is to login to your account and from the backend of your website, you can update or edit the images, videos, text-based content, and other forms of content. With this, you have the full control over your website.

The expected answer to this question is YES. The concerned agency must elaborate further the CMS topic and they must discuss with you the entirety of the CMS they are going to use for your website. CMS eventually is a platform that helps the designers in building a particular website.


2. Did you already have the experience to create a website that is similar to my chosen industry?

This is to dig deeper the facts that are important for the success of your digital project. The concerned full service digital agency must be able to answer this question clearly. It is so crucial because if the agency does not have experience yet in creating a website similar to your industry, then maybe it’s their first time to build a website. Experience is really important to make sure that they have the capability to do so.

After they confirm their experience, you have to see some sample websites they created in the past. The samples to be given can attest the authenticity of their performance.

3. Is it possible to meet the agency team members that are tasked to create the website (project at hand)?

It is vital that you know the people who will be working for your planned project. It is a primary requisite to ensure that you can achieve the aimed success. If you don’t know the team members, it can be hard for you to monitor the phase and development as the project is going on.

After knowing the team members, you should be allowed to monitor closely. Meeting them in person is recommended. But if it is not possible since your project is being handled by a remote-based team, talking to them regularly via video chat or phone call can be a big help.

4. Is it possible for the development company to train the website owner on how to use and update the website?

This is another important question that must be clarified by the concerned web development company. A business website must be updated every now and then. It is important so that the content is always refreshed. If you can’t update the content by yourself, then you should tap one of the team members to do it for you. However, the drawback is that not all the time that this action is possible. There is a possibility that no one from the team members can update the content. So, it’s better if you know how to do it by yourself.

You also have to remember that to update your site is somehow intimidating. But with proper knowledge (DIY in nature) to be bestowed by the agency to you, doing so is somehow achievable. So, you need the basic website training. Just start with the idea on how to use the CMS and how to edit the texts, images, and videos through using that CMS.

Aside from the basic knowledge, you also have to go beyond a little further. Asking this question is important: What should I do if I am unable to do the site updating in a given instance?

Eventually, it is important that you always communicate with the web design agency’s workers. They must provide you with the technical support and troubleshooting system. This might be a complex matter but it plays a vital role so that every time there is a problem, it can immediately be addressed, to say the least.

5. Are SEO services part of the web development package being paid?

Search engine optimization or SEO is very crucial to your success. That is why it is a must that you ask the concerned web application agency about this. One of the known agencies today is TMDesign. According to them, SEO is a general requisite nowadays. It is so because your online ranking or your ranking in the search engine results is quite important for the success of your business.

The SEO aspect must entail website structure, relevant and thick content, and other content types such as videos and images. Meta titles, descriptions, and tags are also important. So it can be inferred that SEO is a big thing that must be prioritized when you hire a full-scale digital marketing agency. Not only the point of developing a website. It goes beyond that.

Choose the Right Web Design Agency: A Conclusion

Don’t rush the hiring process. You should see to it that the chosen web development agency is your perfect choice. When we say “a perfect choice,” it means there’ll be no regrets after all. The one you’re going to work with should be the one that answers transparently all the questions being given above.

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