Creating Your Professional Portfolio via MacBook Mockup

If you want to create web designs, you have to create a portfolio of your work to make you more attractive for projects. Showcase projects via MacBook mockup.

Put your best foot forward with a mockup.

The mockup is the most realistic representation of your design projects. This makes it a really great tool to create a portfolio. You don’t even have to worry about the source because MacBook Pro PSD makers have the most amazing free MacBook mockups that will definitely elevate your work. The mockups are available in both PSD and Sketch making customization easier for you.

Why the MacBook mockup?

There are so many different kinds of mockups with MacBooks in various frames with different backgrounds. In some cases, the MacBooks come with various accessories that will help create a narrative of when the digital project is most effective or one that tells of who the target audience of the output is. MacBook is a powerful Apple device and it is a powerful instrument to show off your design.

An amazing thing about the MacBook or any Apple device for that matter is that the company is always innovating. It is always finding ways on how to improve technology. You have to expect that the new MacBook will be better than ever. There is also that fact that Apple’s operating system is always top-notch. Whether you are working on the MacOS or iOS, you know that it is highly functional and efficient. To top it off, Apple devices always work seamlessly with each other. Working with the MacBook for your portfolio is just a win-win.

This leads us to the laptop mock up. It is definitely a neat way to show off your web designs and website ideas.

Be flexible

With MacBook mockups, you can be very flexible with your designs. If you work as a freelance web designer, you have to show your range through your portfolio. You have to be able to create designs for a variety of clients.

According to statistics, there are over a billion websites in the world. You can just imagine how many different kinds of websites there are from those billion.

Let’s look at the top five most popular websites based on Alexa Internet ranking:

1. Google
2. YouTube
3. Tmall
4. Baidu
5. Tencent QQ

These websites are very different from each other. Let us utilize these examples in order to demonstrate how you can be versatile with your portfolio.

Search engine

Google is really a multi-national company with various internet-related products and services. It is among the Big Four in the industry—the largest tech giants in the world: Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. But as far as the website goes, it is more of a search engine where you can look for whatever information you need.

You have to create a similar website design for your portfolio because there will be a market for it. Small businesses might not necessarily compete with the tech giant like Google but some entrepreneurs might have an idea for a search-engine-type of company. The business might be more specific with its “search” and limit it to a particular industry. Whatever it might be, a MacBook Pro mockup might be a great frame for such a simple design.

The Google is such a simple website, which is probably why it became so big. You visit the website and you don’t see a lot of things on it. It is almost blank except for the space to type in your keywords. The strongpoint of Google is the UX design. It is so easy to navigate and explore. With the MacBook Pro mockup, you can choose various frames that can help you counter the blandness of the screen of the MacBook that will showcase the main page of your design idea.

But if you have to showcase the UX design, then that’s the time you might have to shift to a more minimalist design like the clay or flat design. You really need a deep understanding of what you need to showcase in order to find the right PSD mockup.


The second most popular website is YouTube. There will be a lot of images on this kind of website so you really don’t need something fancy. Perhaps, a MacBook mockup is not even the best frame for this kind of product. If you have to showcase a website design for a company that is video or photo heavy, the iMac mockups may be the better option. The iMac is the best screen to watch videos because it is biggest among the Apple devices.

Clay and flat design would be the best mode to showcase such website proposal because your videos have to speak for themselves. You don’t need styles to counter the heaviness of the videos. So keep the design simple, but make sure the thumbnails you use for your portfolio are of high resolution.


T-mall is an e-commerce website. This is probably where your market will be. With people becoming more attuned to digital technology, online presence has become a necessity. Not only that, businesses have to adapt to allowing people to be able to purchase products and services. This is the trend and e-commerce web designs might give you the most clients.

The popularity of e-commerce comes from the notion that people don’t have to go to the actual store to buy what they need. That should translate in your design. That advantage should also be conveyed in your portfolio. The devices mockup is the perfect instrument to show off your design while also communicating the importance of mobility. This kind of mockup template shows all the Apple devices in one frame: iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. These are also the tools from where people can do their online shopping.

The advantage of such mockup is that people will see how your website design will look like in whatever device. With online shopping, you have to be able to show that you can shop anywhere and with whatever technology available.


Baidu and Tencent QQ provide various tech services. The former is mostly internet-related services and products while the latter is a portal. You just have to understand what the product is about and create content. The MacBook Air mockup is one flexible frame to showcase tech-related digital product because MacBook Air is such an innovative device.

Creating a portfolio through MacBook mockup is very easy. You just find a mockup template and download the PSD file. Check out the smart layers so that you can insert your design onto the template.


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