How to Utilize the iPhone Mockup for Branding Campaign

The iPhone mockup is usually used for professional presentation of digital products. But we find that it is also a great tool for branding proposals.

So you have a great idea for a branding strategy for a particular company. Of course, you have to send the company a proposal. But if you have an idea for a proposal, chances are other people or organizations will have the same idea. They, too, would like to propose their own concepts. You have to create a smashing one in order to stomp other demonstrations.

There are so many ways to present your ideas. Of course, it has to be visual. The audience or the company you are proposing to should be able to see your concepts come alive, albeit, not literally. The most common of these presentations is the storyboard. You present your concept through various boards showcasing the logos and other campaign activities that your organization is proposing. Another popular tool is the PowerPoint presentation or similar demonstrations with the use of slides. There is also the more complex video presentation.

But here is another idea: why don’t you use mockups? So a PSD mockup is usually used among tech people who are proposing a software or other digital products. It is the best way to showcase their digital product by demonstrating how it will look when it is in actual use. The great thing about doing professional presentations is that you will be rewarded for creativity. So let’s push the boundaries and be more creative with the use of mockups. High resolution and great quality mockups are available via iphone.psd creators.

Let’s talk about the iPhone mockup

Why would you use the iPhone for a branding campaign? The thing is, iPhones are very popular. The people who care about branding own an iPhone—whether it is the iPhone 7 or the iPhone XS or even the latest lineup of iPhone 11. Besides, the awesome iPhone is really an all-around phone. You can do everything with it. You can call and text and communicate with people around the world without spending a lot of money because of the various apps available. You can send and write emails and do fun stuff like play games, watch movies, listen to music and read e-books on your iPhone. All your social media activities are ensconced on the iPhone. Basically, you can create your own world through an iPhone. Isn’t that a spectacular reason for using the iPhone as the tool to start a smashing campaign?

The iPhone is also a really innovative device. It is always upgrading its models and its features are always getting better. The latest Apple update latest Apple update features the Gmail app.

So let’s get cracking on that spectacular branding campaign through the iPhone mockup. UX Planet is a great source of free iPhone mockup for every kind of presentation you will ever need. The mockups are available in both Sketch format and PSD file.


One of the first branding features you should present is the logo of the company. The logo is best showcased through a stationery mockup. This is a common mockup that features the different office materials like the stationery, notepad, notebook, envelope, calling cards, official pencils and pens, office mug, among many others. Of course, the frame doesn’t really carry all of those. The point is, the mockup will show the audience the different corporate items that will have the company logo on them. But some stationery mockup also has the iPhone on it. Why? Because the iPhone is an important tool in digital branding.

The stationery mockup is also great at showing how your logo will look on different materials. That is why the iPhone is also vital in the frame because when it comes to digital marketing, the mobile phone is the main device to kick-start a campaign. So it really does complete a package.

The photorealistic iPhone mockup will elevate your branding activity. This is a kind of mockup where the iPhone is in the hands of a person. You don’t actually see the person so as not to take away the entire plot to the person considering that the highlight of the frame will be the brand or the logo that will be the focus of the screen of the iPhone. The purpose of the hands is to showcase how your proposed logo will look when in actual use. The person holding the iPhone will add a story element to the entire proposal. This is when it becomes very important that you only download free PSD mockup from reputable websites or else the photorealism won’t work. If you have a low resolution downloadable file, it will destroy the illusion of seeing your digital product in the real world.

Flat design

Now if you want to present the other parts of the branding, which include web design, marketing campaigns and social media content, among others, then a visual presentation using flat design might do the trick. This is more useful when it comes to presenting web designs. A lot of people are turning to flat designs, despite the usual complaints of being too boring, because it relies solely on the content. There are no flashy styles and complex effects. The web design will focus on pure branding.

This type of design could also work for a proposed app design. When you are branding, you need a lot of images. The lack of complex styles will allow the images and even videos to be highlighted during the professional presentation. With the right creativity, this supposed boring look could actually become extremely enticing.

Another minimalist frame that you could optimize in your campaign is the iPhone X clay mockup. So you can use this for specific branding visuals. For example, if you want to focus on your social media content, you could put your proposed Facebook page layout on the screen of the iPhone X. Again, the clay will highlight your content so the focus will be on the layout that is featured on the screen of the phone. But there are also many kinds of clay mockup so you can choose what you think will best fit your presentation.

Aside from the social media products, you can also present your ideas for digital ads. While this might be something an advertising agency will actually offer a client, since you are trying to impress a prospective client, you might as well throw in your two cents. Anyway, this is just a mockup. It is not the actual thing. You are just showing the myriad possibilities that the brand will take off through the various creative ways you have maximized the iPhone mockup.


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