Everything You Need to Know About the iPad Mockup

There are so many ways you can use an iPad mockup. First, get to know everything about it and how it can make your professional life better.

There are so many ways you can create an efficient professional presentation that could really get your message across. But if you want a really clean presentation with a blend of professionalism, the mockup is the best bet. Why? It is the closest thing to reality you could ever get. If you want people to get behind something really big, they would need a prototype in order to have an idea what they are giving money to. That’s where the free PSD mockup comes in!

Free? Yes! If you visit sketch ipad template, it has a collection of mockups that are available in PSD and Sketch. Each one of them will definitely elevate your presentation. The best part is that the mockup templates are absolutely free.

Among the favorites of the many mockups on the internet is the iPad screen template. You can showcase everything using the iPad device because it functions like the powerful computers you have been using for work but it could be as convenient as an iPhone. In fact, you can absolutely use the iPad as a laptop when you hook it up with the complementary keyboard. It is perfect!

iPad mockup

You can use a free iPad mockup for absolutely any kind of digital product. The iPad Mini, for example, is of the size of a page of a book. What does that have to do with anything? It makes the iPad Mini the perfect backdrop to showcase your e-book. Whether you are designing the app that uses e-book or you are designing an actual e-book, the smallest of the iPad models is the perfect device to showcase your digital product.

Showing your digital output via the iPad Mini means that you value mobility. With the iPad, you can enjoy everything anywhere you are. That is basically what it means to showcase an e-book via the iPad. It gives the audience an awareness that the book can be devoured wherever—at the park, on the subway on the way to work or on the way back home, or while queuing at the groceries.

The versatility of the iPad

As mentioned, the iPad is the great in-between of the laptop and the smartphone. But the line itself has a great range of versatility. There is the iPad Mini, which is really small and perfect for e-books, e-commerce and even some gaming. The iPad Airs, on the other hand, are great for designing things. The iPad Air has a large screen but it is so slim and light. You can take it anywhere with you so you can find a muse and draw it right then and there. You can take it with you until inspiration hits and you start sketching. It’s like brining your own sketchpad because the device could be just as light.

There is the regular iPad, which you could use to showcase a website, and the iPad Pro, which is the perfect device for professionals. Of course, when you say professionals, it means so many things. But in terms of the digital world, let’s use the word to refer to people who uses technology all the time.

iPad Pro PSD mockup

The iPad Pro is definitely the most tech-heavy of all the iPads. So if you are designer a software for development, it is the ideal platform. The power behind the iPad Pro is just off the charts and the professional audience know that. Using it as your backdrop for the digital product is a smart choice. Also, there are so many variations of the iPad Pro mockup so you have so many alternatives.

There is a vector mockup of the iPad Pro just being its imposing self on the frame. This might be too boring for a software proposal though. But the beauty of the mockup is that there are hundreds of choices. If you think that is too flat, then use a mockup that has a colorful background to counter the flatness.

The iPad Pro mockup is wonderful for photo-based proposals because it has a large screen. Just make sure to download the mockup from a good website to ensure high quality and high resolution template.


iPad and iPhones mockup

This is the perfect template to showcase your app. The iPad and the iPhone are the most convenient devices to lug around. They are the smallest Apple devices—discounting the Apple Watch, of course, which still contains limited apps. The apps were created so that people don’t have to go to the website all the time. It is a one-button option. It was really created for mobile devices because you don’t want to type too much in a device that has very small keypads.

The iPad and the iPhone, too, will give a great perspective on how your digital product will look on such a small screen like the iPhone and a much-bigger screen in the iPad. It shows flexibility. This is also vital when you want to demonstrate continuity. As you know, one of the best advantages of using Apple devices is that they seamlessly work well together. The operating system allows you to shift gadgets while continually working on the same thing. Say you are producing like a short video and you have been using your iPhone to take the shots. However, when it comes to editing, you find that the iPhone is just too small. So you do your edits on the iPad Pro and it works! Everything you captured on the iPhone is available on the iPad via the cloud.

Devices mockups

Now you want to expand your continuity story. Well, there is also a mockup for that and it is simply called the devices mockup for obvious reasons—all the major devices are in one frame! So there is the iMac to showcase the largest Apple screen and the Apple Watch to showcase the smallest Apple screen. There are frames that don’t include the Apple Watch if it doesn’t fit your narrative. The iPhone can take the representation for the smallest screen.

In this case, it is not just about showcasing the mobile app, you can showcase a whole website. Again, the different devices will show off different perspective in terms of how your website will be viewed on different technology. And speaking of perspective, there is an actual perspective mockup in order to make details more prominent in presentations.

All of these mockups are well represented on the internet. As long as you have Photoshop and Sketch applications on your internet, you can easily work on your iPad mockup. Just download the PSD file.

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