5 Amazing Things in an Apple Watch Mockup

The Apple Watch mockup elevates your digital product. But here are the five amazing benefits that you will definitely enjoy from this kind of mockup.

Mockups are very helpful in showcasing the attributes of a product. They are used in many different kinds of presentations—whether these are as large as airplanes or buildings or as small as nails. A prototype is important in order for investors to put money behind the development of a product. The reality is the same for digital products.

If you check out UX Planet, it has a collection of free mockups that will help you be at ease with your professional presentation. For digital products intended for wearable technology, the Apple Watch mockup is the ideal frame. Here are five benefits that you will enjoy when using this kind of mockup:

1. Apple Watch mockup is customizable

PSD mockups are digital skeletons. They are ready-made and it is up to you to create the aesthetics to make the mockup look like a real person. They are essentially pre-created and you just need to insert your original content to the screen of the Apple Watch in the mockup.

How easy is it to insert the content? Very easy!

As long as you have Photoshop and Sketch applications in your computer, then the customization process will take less than 30 minutes. That is perfect especially if you are called on to present your professional ideas without much leeway. The first step in the process is to look for the appropriate mockup. Look for a PSD file or those in Sketch formats. As soon as you have chosen your preferred mockup, you then download it to your computer.

As soon as you have the mockup, open the file via the Adobe Photoshop or Sketch application. Check out the file layers because it is through those that you will edit your own content onto the template. Each layer contains space for your customized image. The file that you download has a Smart Object, which is a protective layer of the original image so that it will not be damaged or pixelized post-editing.

Now it is just a matter of dragging your content to the placeholder. Customization is so easy that most of your effort will be contained to the actual creation of the digital product design.


2. Neat and professional

Say you are designing iOS apps. You know that Apple is very particular with its own digital products so your app design has to be sophisticated and will match with the ideals of the brand. The iOS mockups are great backdrops that will showcase the details of your app design. Most iOS apps showcase various screens of Apple mobile devices with every page showing different details indicating the different mobile pages of your proposed app. One page will show the sort-of cover, followed by other detailed pages like a dashboard perhaps.

When it comes to designing digital products of the Apple Watch, since the device is quite small, the iOS mockups could make use of the digital screens of the iPhone. Anyway, the Apple Watch is almost always partnered with an iPhone so that its function will be optimized.

This is what it means to have a neat presentation when using the Apple Watch mockup. There is no unnecessary clutter in the frame, which is important if you want to showcase how neat your digital product is.

3. Improves presentation

Some designers believe too much in their product that they might try to capture a presentation with words—that’s all. Words will never be enough especially if it is something as crucial as an app for a smartwatch. Visuals are always needed. However, a PowerPoint presentation is just too stiff and stringent. A storyboard can do the trick, too, but it is not as polished as when you use the Apple Watch mockup.

Your digital product will look more professional when packaged in a mockup. One way Apple mockups will improve your presentation is that it does not only showcase your digital product, it is also a great reminder of how seamless Apple products work alongside each other. An Apple mockup usually has all the Apple devices in one frame: the iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. This is great at showing off your design’s flexibility. It matters not the size of the screen because your design transcends proportion.

4. Tells a story

A lot of Apple Watch mockups only feature the Apple device in the frame. However, there are also some mockups that put the Apple Watch in a realistic setting. Since this is a wearable technology, the most common setup is the Apple Watch on the wrist of a person. Whoever that person is largely depends on who is the target market of your digital product.

The story will be dependent on the context clues of the mockup frame. For example, if your digital product targets females, then there must be some pink in the mockup. It could be the pink straps of the Apple Watch, or the pink screen. It could also be the pink nails of the woman. The thing is, when it comes to the Apple Watch, it is quite small. So most of the time, the person utilized as an accessory in an Apple Watch mockup can only be seen in parts. In fact, in most cases, it is only the arm that is visible. In this manner, the watch will not be too small in the frame. This is why the hints and clichés are important in telling a story through the mockup. Using people certainly does that.

This then brings us to the last benefit…

5. Realistic

The use of human component in the mockup certainly renders the product as a realistic one. Humans are real and putting the Apple Watch with your own design on it on the wrist of a person indicates realism. This is putting your product in everyday settings. It shows people who are working and in the middle of their job they get a call. But their phone is out of reach so they answer the call through the Apple Watch. That is realistic!

The Apple Watch mockup could simply showcase a wrist and the Apple Watch around the wrist. It may look simple but the message is loud and clear: it is real! Therefore, your digital product is tangible and it would then be easier for investors to thing about your product in real-world setting. The sense of realism will give your digital product a great chance of actually being developed.


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