Things to Know to Create Converting App Store Screenshots

There are things that you have to know to have converting, luring and enticing app store screenshots.

Considering the ASO ranking of your mobile application, it is vital that the app store screenshots are well created. They have a crucial function as far as ranking of your app is concerned. App Store Optimization is a critical matter to do. That is why there are techniques that you have to implement so that your mobile app can rank in the search results.

According to UX Planet, optimizing an app through the app store screenshots is never easy. It needs proper knowledge and application of such knowledge. Obviously, the iOS screenshots are created because you want a high ranking in the App Store vis-à-vis your listed mobile app. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you can create top-quality Android screenshots. It is for the purpose of ensuring your high ranking in App Store and Google Play.

Understanding Conversion Rate Vis-à-vis App Store Screenshots

Your app store screenshots should perform well because they possess a major function with respect to conversion rates. In other words, you can persuade a number of mobile app users when you create store screenshots as great as needed. An increasing number of people is assured when the ASO ranking of your mobile app is pretty great.

However, if these things are not properly done, there are problems to arise. Such problems will certainly affect the ranking of your app. You have to remember that once your app screenshots have enticing background images then you can enjoy sustaining organic growth.


7 Basic Practices for Store Screenshots

Below are 7 basic principles that must be followed to have a fruitful screenshot generation process.

Be knowledgeable about the differences between Google Play and App Store.

There are distinctions between App Store and Google Play as far as producing app screenshots is concerned. For App Store apps, there are first two images that must count. The first two screenshots should be able to convince the users to download an app. On the other hand, in Google Play, the focus should be on the first 3 well-designed screenshots. The potential users should be allured to browse further until they download your mobile app. The first 3 screenshots have to work with a playable video.

A key message should be present in the first screenshot.

Don’t delay gratification. It means to say that you should be able to provide instant satisfaction to the audience. Usually, a user of an app spends only 7 seconds browsing per app in the app store. Within this span of time, a user usually decides. So, you need to convince that particular user that your app is the one that he or she is looking for. Because of the limited time constraint, therefore, you should put the main message about your app in the first app store screenshot.

Make sure that the app screenshots are easy-to-read and simple.

Simplicity and readability are vital for your mobile app. Once the users can read the text overlays of your mobile app screenshots easily, there is a high tendency that they are going to download and use your app. As well, the background images should be kept simple. Simplicity can result to good things. So the display factor of your screenshots should consider these two. To test the workability of your app based on these aspects, you can do split testing.

Put a simple yet convincing story in your app screenshots.

There has to be a simple yet convincing story behind your app screenshots. You have to be able to show to your audience that once they download your app, the story will be translated into a satisfactory promise. Creating a storyline should embed the entire process. And take note that the first 2 screenshots are critical in this area. Your main message should be present in the top 2 screenshots.

High-resolution images can help your ASO ranking a lot.

This is the reason why you have to look for world-class graphics artist. You may spend money for this. But rest assured that once you have high-resolution screenshot images, the ranking of your mobile app in the search results will be favorable. And be reminded that it is okay to have images based on app’s UI if you can’t afford to pay costly images. Avoid using stock images because they can reduce your appeal to the audience.

Make sure that you edit the status bar before publication.

Are you ready to upload and publish your screenshots? Hold your breath! You have to see to it first that you edit the status bar. What does it mean? Remove all those icons that are not necessary. Your screenshots will appear dull and poor if they have unnecessary icons. There is an effective tip here for Mac users. Utilize the QuickTime Player of the Mac and make sure that you get UI. By this means, you can automatically update and edit the status bar.

Presenting favorable features is not good; rather focus on your app’s value.

Your mobile app should possess a value proposition that is absolutely unique. The app users will surely love this idea. In other words, the users should be able to determine the value of your app. The screenshots must answer this question: How do the users feel after downloading and using a particular app? Therefore it is a must that you provide a manual or guide on how they are going to use the app. And they have to be impressed through your app’s consistent value. For sure, the downloading percentage will be favorable to your mobile app.
It is definitely a good idea to have a mobile app for your products or services. But you have to understand that it is vital to follow the basic principles to make your mobile app valuable for the users. Should your business have a mobile application? The answer for further elaboration is here.

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